A home for your child's active spirit.

In a time where parents know the drawbacks of too much screen time, GrowFit provides a home for the active spirit. Nurturing the playfulness within us, GrowFit’s game-based approach allows children to gain age-appropriate sports skills and build confidence while having fun. GrowFit offers sports programs and physical education to children two to thirteen years of age. 

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Customer Testimonials

My kids did not want to go home in the afternoon. Thank you for the engaging program! You save working parents' lives.
- Janette

Ummm.... Probably the best hour of our week. Time spent with my kids away from any distractions of work/TV/laundry; Kai is so happy, getting his crazy out; SportsHouse is a great facility. It’s huge, it feels safe, friendly & happy. Kai gets to bounce after class (amazing). Kai made a little friend in his class; we love the coaches! Responses to my e-mails and phone calls are super quick and understanding of my rambling requests.
- Krissie