San Jose Summer Camp: Unlock your child’s athletic passions.

To keep your kids active and energized during the summer , GrowFit’s summer camp provides a safe place for children to learn and play. Our campers discover new passions, engage in a variety of sports and group games and learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Our unique, age-appropriate games and challenges help children build self-confidence, develop relationships and have lots of fun.

GrowFit Campers play sports and activities all day:

Activities for younger groups. Campers participate in 8 different activities each day in 30 minutes blocks.
Sample activities for children ages 4 - 6 years old:


Activities for older groups. Campers participate in 10 different activities each day in 30 minutes blocks.
Sample activities for children ages 7 - 8, 9 - 10 and 11 -13 years old:


Check out our video to see GrowFit Camp in action.


GrowFit Camp offers the following benefits:

School break offerings. GrowFit runs camp on the days when it's hardest to find care for your little ones; days when school is out for in-service days, school breaks, and summer.

Trained and enthusiastic staff. Camp is run by energetic and spirited PE teachers committed to making each camper's experience special and unique.

Age-appropriate groups and sports variety. Campers are grouped with kids who share their ages and interests and activities change every 30 minutes to give children variety and exposure to new sports and games.

Complimentary extended care. The main camp program runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm, but we offer complimentary extended care from 8:00am to 6:00pm to make it as easy as possible for working families.

Central location. Our camp is located at SportsPlex in San Jose, the largest indoor sports complex in the South Bay. The facility includes indoor turf fields, roller hockey rinks and six oversized jump houses.

Free hot lunch. Each camper receives a daily hot lunch from High Five Grill that includes an entree item and fresh seasonal fruit.