Physical Education: Science, standards, and sensitivity.


GrowFit offers a unique approach to physical education for elementary and middle schools based on the latest research, national and state standards and our experience in the classroom.


How GrowFit Benefits Students


  • It adapts to the students. By providing the right lesson at the right time, our system provides deeply differentiated learning.

  • It develops skills and closes gaps. GrowFit ensures that concepts are understood before moving on to the next lesson.

  • It keeps students moving. Our aerobic activity regimen provides immediate health benefits to the heart and brain and reduces the risk of becoming overweight.

  • It provides a supportive environment. Students learn best when they are in a safe learning atmosphere based on self-improvement and the development of life skills.

  • It emphasizes sportsmanship and teamwork. Group activities teach students how to interact with their peers and be a part of a team.

  • It’s fun. Students that enjoy themselves while participating in physical activity are more likely to continue engaging in an active lifestyle.


How GrowFit PE Benefits Teachers

  • It’s flexible. Teachers can start their lesson plans in a place appropriate to their class’ ability level, instead of teaching every student in the same grade the same thing.

  • It’s responsive. Teachers can pace the class to meet the needs of their students.

  • It’s driven by individual needs. Teachers can differentiate skill instruction by moving up or down the progression, providing students with practice tasks that allows each of them to experience success.

  • It helps them get kids involved. Teachers can offer students activities that are fun and inclusive.


How GrowFit PE Works

  • Ten different units teach students the underlying fundamental motor skills.

  • Each unit is made up of a series of levels that provides a developmentally appropriate sequence to motor skill mastery. As students progress through the levels, they establish a foundation of different motor skills and begin to combine and apply those motor skills in specialized movement contexts.

  • Each level contains skill instruction, practice tasks and group games.

  • When a unit begins, the teacher selects a starting level for each of their classes. We provide a suggested pacing guide, but ultimately the teacher selects a level that matches the skill level of the class.

  • Once a level has been selected, the teacher reviews the technique file to understand the critical teaching points (there is also a video that demonstrates the skill to make sure the teacher knows exactly what he/she is looking for). The teacher also reviews the different game options and selects the game that will work best for their class.

  • The teacher does not move on to the next level until the class has demonstrated competency of the critical teaching points.

  • Each class follows the same structure: warm up game, skill instruction, skill practice, group game(s), class debrief.


Sample Progression: Soccer Unit

Each unit is made up of a series of levels that provides a developmentally appropriate sequence to motor skill development. As students progress through the levels, they establish a foundation of different motor skills and begin to combine and apply those motor skills in specialized movement contexts.


What GrowFit PE Gives Students

Clear focus. Each level is based on a desired learning outcome. This helps teachers focus their instruction and feedback.

Shared understanding. Students want to know why they’re learning a particular skill. By sharing the benefits with them (ex: running on the balls of your feet will help you run faster), it helps increase engagement.

Critical teaching points. Techniques are broken down into the critical elements. This helps teachers know what to look for and provide feedback on.

Practice opportunities. Our practice tasks are designed to give each student maximum practice opportunities. The more opportunities a student has, the more likely he/she is to gain competence and confidence.

Confidence. Students benefit from individual or small group practice when learning a new skill.

Enjoyment. We create fun storylines for each game to capture the students’ imaginations and make them want to participate in physical activity.

Variety. Each level contains several game options for an educator to select from. Not only does a variety of activities keep students excited, but it allows educators to select games that meet the needs of their space and class’ interests.

Use of newly learned skills. By providing games that incorporate recently acquired skills, students can see the connection between skill development and game play.

A role for their unique strengths. Each game is designed to incorporate multiple roles so students with all different interests and strengths can confidently participate.

A safe environment. If a student isn’t ready to participate in the group activity, we create a practice zone where they can continue to work on their skills until they have built up their confidence.

High energy. Kids need 60 minutes of moderate/vigorous physical activity each day. Our games are designed to keep them moving.


Class Structure

Warm up game (5-7 minutes)

Each class begins with a warm up game. These are games that are designed to immediately get the students moving and require little to no equipment. They may or may not be related to the unit the students are working on.

Skill instruction and practice (5-10 minutes)

Once the class has had a chance to warm up, the teacher will explain the skill the class will be working on and teach the students the critical teaching points. The class will then participate in a short practice activity. This is an activity that is done individually or in small groups to maximize practice opportunities.

Group Game(s) (25-30 minutes)

Each level contains 3-4 different game options that incorporate the skill the class is working on. The teacher will select the game(s) that they thinks will work best for their class. During the game, the teacher will make sure to focus their suggestions and teaching efforts on the skill the class is working on.

Debrief (3-5 minutes)

At the end of each class, the students will share compliments for their classmates and review the discussion questions to reflect on what they learned during the class.


Two Options For Your School

PE Curriculum

If you already have a PE teacher or teachers on staff, we can provide you with the curriculum and support to upgrade your physical education program.

Full Service PE

If your school is looking for a completely managed PE solution, we can provide the teacher, curriculum and equipment.



At GrowFit, we create a developmentally appropriate Physical Education curriculum that teachers use to engage students and teach physical literacy. Our curriculum is based on research showing that PE is vital for students and provides lifelong health and academic benefits.

One great resource we recommend is Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School. This 500-page report by the Institute of Medicine examines the health of children and adolescents in the United States and Physical Education in our schools. You can read the full report or view the summary documents below, along with a helpful video covering the highlights of this important document.